About the technopark

About the technopark

The industrial park in the city of Chirchik, Tashkent region of the Republic of Uzbekistan is designed to localize the production of Russian companies on the territory of Uzbekistan. The technopark has a developed engineering infrastructure with points of connection to power supply networks within walking distance from any land plot and building. All conditions have been created here for uninterrupted power supply to residents.

The total area is 31.2 hectares, the design area of buildings and structures exceeds 137 square meters. meters.

The buildings of JSC “Uzbek Combine of Refractory and Heat-resistant Metals” and JSC “Maxam-Chirchik”, part of JSC “AGMK”, were chosen as the site for the creation of the park.

The idea of Technopolis “Himgrad” is to provide residents with areas and land plots on the right of lease and/or redemption. The availability of a comprehensive engineering infrastructure allows for a quick start of production. The site is managed by a professional management company, the work is organized according to the principle of “one window”.

The residents of the site are small and medium-sized businesses engaged in the field of low-tonnage chemistry, polymer processing, energy, mechanical engineering, resource conservation and energy efficiency, medical technologies.

The work on the creation of the park is carried out by Technopolis “Himgrad” together with JSC “Uzkimesanoat” within the framework of cooperation and with the direct support of the governments of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan. This guarantees the implementation of the project within the stated deadlines, stable operation of the park and the provision of benefits for resident companies.